Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's been a while

Since I last blogged here.
Not that I have not been homeschooling- because I have :) I guess that is why it has been a while! I do try to keep the main blog updated- with artwork LOL.
Now we are onto new things- 5th grade for DS and K for DD- which is quite hard work, because a certain 10 yo is easily distracted by a very vocal 5 yo!

We finished the Alphabet Path with DD, and I think she is beginning to get to the point of being ready to use some of the Math Gnomes. We are loosely doing Serendipity Geography for now, and I try to make them work :)

Successes this year: Literature. They both love it.
Not so successful: Grammar and Composition. DS is rebelling against it. If only he would hurry up with it, we could take a break and do poetry- but he needs to finish the contents of Classical Writing Aesop first!
Oh- and they both love memory work- go figure!

And now for something a little different- I ran across this in one of my art searches:
The Little Botanist