Books for Boys

Back before blogger had pages, I had a post I tried to keep updated of book suggestions for boys :)
If you are a mother of boys, you might know just how challenging it is to find something to keep them entertained!  Please, feel free to make suggestions to go on this list :)
They are arranged by reading ABILITY not appropriateness. I will star any that might be questionable and add comments as to why.
I'm only listing the LISTS of books, because links change too much, and I am only going to subdivide into categories if the list gets long :)


Grades 1-3

Grades 4-6
The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon
Robin Hood.
King Arthur * watch which version you get... Lancelot has an adulterous affair with Queen Guinevere in most of the adult versions, most children's versions tone it down some :)
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene
Rascal by Sterling North
My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George and all her other works... see the list here.
YWAM Hero Books listed here
Heroes of History Listed Here.

Grades 7-9
Deptford Mice.
The Redwall Series* by Brian Jacques his website here is a good one. Be warned, some characters die in the books- always appropriately (sometimes in battle) but can be upsetting for the fainter hearted readers :)
The G.A. Henty Books*, list here. Some of these are found online- they are Christian, and very Anti-Catholic, but for those who aren't Catholic, I am told they are very good :)

Grades 10-12

Cross-Level Reads
Fairy tales. Get one of the huge books of them, this is a cross level reading book- read aloud to the younger ones and allow to be read to self as they get older :)

Non-Fiction and Project Books
American Boys Handy Book
Boy Scout Handbook
The Boy Mechanic
Dangerous Book for Boys