About Me

About Me:
I am a homeschooling mother of two - a boy and a girl. I am somewhat of an eclectic homeschooler, with preferences for the Charlotte Mason (CM), Latin Centered Curriculum (LCC) and Thomas Jefferson Education (TJE) methods. I am an irregular on the 4 Real and Well Trained Mind (WTM) forums :) and I run several Yahoo Groups based on these homeschooling philosophies.
I am originally from England, but married to an American man and living in Virginia, in the USA.
I like to read, draw, paint, garden, knit, sew, crochet, spin, tat- I love the old fashioned crafts out there!

About My Blog:

This is my learning notes blog. Basically it is a little run-down of what we do, and some of my homeschooling ideas, tips and activities.
I have also included my journey into self education- feel free to join me!
My garden/nature journal can be found over at Wortcunning, while my main blog is over at The Jacobite Rose. 
For more information about this blog, you can read this post.

About the Headers and Drawings:

All of the artwork on here is mine, and copyrighted to me, unless stated otherwise!  The header is an amalgam of pictures I have drawn of the kids over the last few months, along with some school supplies ;)  I used to have some flowers and such around the blog, but I am trying to keep the pictures more current- or at least themed to what the blog is about!
You'll see a selection of my art on this blog or on my main blog, when I have the time to upload it. Please ask if you wish to use my pictures, I am very accommodating :) 

My Groups:

Contact Me:

I can always be contacted by commenting on my blog, as the comments are emailed to me :)
I have allowed most comments, including the universal I.D.

You can also contact me via the groups listed above :)

Or you can email me at Spinneretta AT gmail DOT com (with the words in capitals replaced with their symbols and the spaces removed ;))