Homeschool Links

I wanted a page where I could keep some of my favourite homeschooling links.  It is a work in progress, and I will be updating it!

Homeschool Curricula
Ambleside Online (my favourite homeschool resource, the forums are worth joininh)
Old Fashioned Education
Serendipity (young children)
Mater Amabilis
MacBeth's Opinion (lots of booklists to scroll through.  Not everything is still in print, but the lists are still good.)

My Resource Posts
Charlotte Mason resources
Old resources
More resources

The Well Trained Mind
The Latin Centered Curriculum
The Original Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Series
A Charlotte Mason Companion
A Charlotte Mason Education
When Children Love to Learn  (aimed more at the schools)
Teaching the Trivium  (Very Protestant Christian in tone)
Ruth Beechick's Three R's
A Haystack Full of Needles
A Picture Perfect Childhood
Catholic Mosaic
Real Learning

Helpful Homeschooling Sites
The Well Trained Mind (check out the forums for some good information)
A Charlotte Mason Education
Donna Young (Printables)
Home Educators of Virginia
Virginia Homeschoolers
Homeschool Richmond
Khan Academy (free video classes)
Royal Institution - Free science videos

Free E-Books
The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project
Google Play (not all are free, just search)
Sacred Texts 

Buy Homeschool Stuff
Memoria Press (absolutely sign up for their magalog- it is brilliant)
Peacehill Press
Knowledge Quest/Bramley Books
Kolbe Academy
Seton Homeschool
Rainbow Resources