Tuesday, August 12, 2008

M'Lady's Schedule

Click the picture for a closer look.

This looks like a lot. But when you consider that mostly it is large blocks of time so she can do activities, you realize it truly is just a Kindergarten day. It is designed to mostly to coincide with her brother's lessons, so she can 'do some' too :) . This is a Serendipity based plan, heavily influenced by Elizabeth, and ready to be tweaked when necessary. I am assuming that the mathematics will include the Math Gnomes, which is why I scheduled her a large time slot. I may reduce it later.


Cindy said...

Awesome schedules! Do you want me to add this blog to the Serendipity-do-dah blogroll? No big deal if you don't, but since you're going to be following along with M'Lady, I thought I'd ask. Can't wait to see how "school" shapes up for you this year!

Spinneretta said...

Sure, go ahead and add it :)