Thursday, October 15, 2009

The New Regime

Part 1 of the shake-ups occurred the other day- when I arbitrarily decided DS could skip some of the composition book he was doing- mainly because I thought his style was advanced enough already.  Instead we will focus this week on the grammar that the book holds and try and get through that.

DS is actually very good at the grammar- most of the concepts are new to both of us (courtesy of a fairly modern education for me) and he tends to 'get it' a lost faster than I do :)  He was motivated enough to work through quite a bit today!!

Having studied the Ambleside Online curriculum again, I am adapting some of it.  Which started out with a little poetry for the kids.  They have always liked to begin the day with poetry- I need to do it some more.  I might add in some memorisation then too- another of their favourite things.  The kids love to recite poetry at odd moments, and I am frequently surprised at their remembering some of them!

Although I shouldn't be.  Just yesterday the kids were quoting Inspector Lewis for me.

"Shakespeare!  Shakespeare?  I am sick of bloody Shakespeare!"

Actually the original one came out as "Spakespeare" but cute none the less.  And amazing.  They were not actually watching Lewis- just walking through the room LOL!

I intend to add in a few of the literary suggestions soon and mingle them with our Latin and grammar studies we already do ;)

Next up, changes for M'Lady!

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