Monday, October 12, 2009

School Report

For whatever reason, the three of us have found ourselves at an uninspired low.

DD doesn't want to do any work.

DS doesn't want to do Latin or composition.

I don't feel like doing anything!!

That means it is shake up time.  I need to trawl the blogs for inspiration, and reorganise and rearrange.

First things first- the Rebel himself.

We have allowed ourselves to get bogged down in certain subjects.  For example- composition.  Classical Writing is a wonderful program, but someone is living up to his name and just not co-operating.  It occurred to me today to look forward at what we need to do- and I took the bull by the horns and declared that we'd skip the rest of the lessons except the last one.  It's a composition program- and he was writing with all the extensions required in the final writing project.

We'll start poetry next week, and I'll order the Homer Student Workbook A and Instructor's Guide.

Next, literature.  OK I have really let the issue slide here- Elizabeth's lesson inspired me the other day, and I realised- narrations do not need to be written.  So for Religious studies, Literature and history, I need to realign.

In fact, I need to actually assign history!  I keep forgetting it :-o

With DD, the inspiration needs to be different.  I need to trawl the blogs and look for ideas- a few more hands on ideas at that :)  Maybe some fun reading ideas and some seasonal busywork to do while I am helping Rebel.

For me- I realised I needed a little more mental stimulation- I have been letting my brain atrophy ;)  Time to challenge myself to learn some more!!

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