Friday, January 23, 2009


I have brought over this post and some of the teatime resources from the Charlotte Mason Home website, because there are just too many ads over there!


Those who follow the Charlotte Mason method, are like to be followers of traditions as old as Charlotte herself... at least!

One such favoured method, is the timely one of TEA-TIME. Tea-time, according to tradition, occurs at about three or four O'Clock in the afternoon. It is a time of refreshment and rest, and a time of culture to those who use the time wisely.

There are numerous articles on the web about tea-time and homeschooling.

Teatime offers a unique opening for the teaching of manners, for the reading of a family book and for a quiet time of reflection. Well, not necessarily quiet!

Favourite teatime activities include studying paintings, listening to poetry, reading a chapter book, discussing the day with Mum, listening to a selection of good music and eating baked goodies.

Teatime is an opening to the past that we can use in our everyday lives to broaden the cultural horizons of our children, letting them peak into the traditions of the past while learning lessons to take into their future.

In addition to all that, teatime offers a unique possibility in the realm of teaching our children the rudimentary basics of cooking. One might choose to bake a cake or pie to eat during that week at teatime. Involving the children in the everyday household duties such as cooking, can only benefit them as far as their future goes. I see no reason why both girls and boys should not learn to cook, and the most enjoyable beginnings are those which are rewarded with the sweetness of a dessert. Of course, there is also the opportunity to study other cultures and serve up foods that you would not normally eat. This is particularly good to do at teatime, since not all experiments will be met with enthusiasm, and spouses are notoriously hard to please in this respect.


Grace at Home said...

We love tea over here! I've thought about sharing, on my blog, some about our teatime. Thanks for the encouragement!

gregjoens said...

Good thoughts. I like especially the comment about girls and boys learning how to cook. My mother was a home ec teacher. She took the time to explain things about the home and kitchen to us. Those are very necessary tools of life.

Thank you for sharing. - Greg