Friday, January 23, 2009

Cut and Come Again Cake

Another English recipe, it is so named because people keep coming back for more. It is much lighter than normal fruit cakes, and quite delicious! Ingredients:

8 oz S.R. Flour (15.3 tbsp)
Pinch of salt
2 tsp. Mixed Spice
4oz Margarine (7.6 tbsp)
4oz Sugar
9oz Dried Mixed Fruit
1 egg and enough milk to make up to 1/4 pint (17.3 tbsp)


1. Sift flour, salt and spice.
2. Rub in fat, and then stir in sugar and fruit.
3. Make a well in center then stir in milk/egg mixture. Mix well.
4. Place into greased and lined 8" tin.
5. Cook in oven gas mark 4 for approx. one and ¼ hours.


Aliadelaide said...

is that a loaf tin or a round cake tin?

Spinneretta said...

I always use a round tin, but I would think a loaf tin would be fine if it's all you have :)